WASH Project Manager/ Technical focal point – Lebanon


Organisation: INTERSOS - Organizzazione Umanitaria Onlus
Site: http://https://www.intersos.org/en
Personne de Contact: recruitment@intersos.org
Date limite de candidature: 22/11/2018
Type d'offre: Contrat à durée déterminée
Volume de travail: Temps plein
Fonction: Gestion de projet
Lieu de l'emploi: Tyr in Lebanon (70% of the time), Beirut for coordination, and Amman in Jordan (20% of the time)
Pays: Lebanon


Job Title: WASH Project Manager – WASH Technical focal point for Lebanon

Code: SR-34-753

Duty station: Tyr in Lebanon (approximately 70% of the time), Beirut for coordination, and Amman in Jordan (approximately 20% of the time) with regular visits to the project locations

Starting date: 01/02/2019

Contract duration: 6 months

Reporting to: Program coordinator for project management, Head of Mission for base management

Supervision of: 18 National Staffs (1 Project Manager Assistant Lebanon, 6 Community Mobilizers Lebanon, 1 Hygiene Promotion Coordinator Lebanon, 1 Information Management Clerk Lebanon, 1 Project Manager Jordan, 2 Social Workers Jordan, 2 Hygiene Promoters Jordan and 4 Technicians Jordan) and 1 International Consultant (1 WASH Expert)

Dependents: n/a

General context of the project

Following the crisis in Syria, over one million Syrian refugees have fled to Lebanon and over 630,000 refugees to Jordan. In Lebanon, the crisis has caused the proportion of refugees to swell 25% in host communities, leading to clear gaps in service delivery, due to the pre-existing lack of capacity and financial constraints, exacerbated by refugee population influx, which is often concentrated in the most vulnerable areas of Lebanon and Jordan.

Due to poor water management, almost 48% of the water in Lebanon is unaccounted for, either due to leakages or illegal connections, and up to 60% is lost in host communities in Jordan due to poor or mismanaged infrastructure. Only 79% of Lebanese households are connected to water networks and the Lebanese Water Establishments (WE) do not have the funds or capacity to rehabilitate and expand these networks due to weakness in nonrevenue-water and bill collection.

Wastewater treatment remains a major issue in Lebanon too: only 8% of Lebanon’s wastewater is treated with the remaining 92% dumped untreated into watercourses or open lands.

This project will improve both physical WatSan infrastructure and enhance the capacity of institutions and communities to manage WASH services and practices in a participatory and inclusive manner. Support will be provided at a network, community and individual level to ensure a holistic and sustainable approach, tailored to the needs of specific communities and the different contexts across Jordan and Lebanon. These activities, will achieve the specific objective of improving stability and resilience of Lebanese and Jordanian communities hosting Syrian refugees through improved access to water, sanitation and hygienic health outcomes.

The project is funded by a regional fund (MADAD) and is implemented in consortium with ACTED (Leading Agency) and ACF in both Lebanon and Jordan.

The project has started in June 2017. In both countries the project is actually in the activities’ implementation phase. 

The main activities to be implemented are as follow:


- Launching and evaluation of works’ Tender

- Supervision of the implementation of Infrastructural Works.

- Handing over of the rehabilitated/constructed infrastructures to the Local Authorities

- Implementation of HP campaign both at community and schools level

- Implementation of a WASH awareness Mass Media Campaign, as per approved strategy


- Supervision of the infrastructures’ works both at Municipalities and Schools level

- Handing over of the rehabilitated/constructed infrastructures to the Local Authorities

- Supervision of the rehabilitation of WASH facilities at HH Level

- Implementation of HP campaign both at Schools and HH Level

- Implementation of a WASH awareness Mass Media Campaign, as per approved strategy

General purpose of the position

The general purpose of the Project Manager position is to ensure the proper and effective implementation of the project activities planned by INTERSOS to achieve the intervention objectives and expected results, including all related administrative and financial aspects, in coordination with the different stakeholders (consortium members, external partners…)

The WASH project manager will also be the focal point for all related WASH aspects in Lebanon. To that extent he can provide technical expertise for assessment, proposal writing, and support to other existing or future WASH projects.

Main responsibilities and tasks

Main responsibilities:

  • Planning, coordinating, monitoring and evaluating the project activities (improvement of water and sanitation infrastructure at community level; improvement of water and sanitation facilities in public institutions; improvement of water and sanitation facilities at household level; capacity building of water authorities and establishments; creation and support of community committees; hygiene promotion and information events), ensuring timely and quality delivery of the targets set as per approved project proposal.
  • Building the capacity, coordinating and supervising the project national staffs, as well as the local counterparts, providing ad hoc training sessions and continuous on-the-job coaching.
  • Maintaining relations pertaining to the project activities and the WASH programme at large with donors, local authorities, government institutions, partners, key stakeholders, and other relevant actors at the regional, national and field level.
  • Be the WASH Focal point for the Lebanon mission.

More specifically:

Project activities planning, coordination, monitoring and evaluation

  • Ensure smooth coordination and relationship with the consortium partners and the local counterparts in the project framework as defined in the MoU.
  • Follow-up, manage and regularly update the project activities work plan and related financial plan / procurement plan, ensuring timely and quality implementation in compliance with the defined project strategy, as well as INTERSOS and donor guidelines.
  • Coordinate with the logistic, administration and finance staffs to procure all equipment, supplies and materials, as well as works and services, required to implement the project activities, ensuring cost efficiency and accountability in compliance with INTERSOS and donor regulations and procedures.
  • Supervise the use and keep updated records of the project resources.
  • Provide inputs, guidance and support to ensure the quality implementation of the project activities from the technical point of view.
  • Ensure the proper monitoring of the project activities.
  • Continuously assess, analyse and evaluate the impact of the project activities to inform and adjust the programme accordingly.
  • Undertake field visits to the project locations as needed to continuously monitor the progress and the quality implementation of the project activities.
  • Report in a timely manner to the Head of Mission any eventual challenges or delays faced, loss or damage occurred, fraud or misuse detected in the daily implementation of the project activities.
  • Work closely with the colleagues to ensure the integration of the project activities with other projects and sectors of intervention.
  • Provide the Communication Department in the HQ with relevant information on the project activities, as well as related photo and video documentation, prior notification to the Head of Mission.

Project national staffs and local counterpart’s capacity building, coordination and supervision

  • Coordinate with the human resources staffs to carry out the identification and selection of the project national staffs, as required.
  • Define the operating processes required to ensure a proper management of the project (roles, decision-making, operating procedures, working methodologies, etc.).
  • Train, coordinate and supervise the project national staffs, promoting role-positioning, capacity building and assumption of responsibility, as well as motivation and cohesion, and evaluate their performance.
  • Ensure that the project national staffs respect INTERSOS rules and regulations, and adheres to INTERSOS Fundamental Charter Values and Code of Ethics.
  • In cooperation with the consortium partners, continuously assess the training needs of the local counterparts, design the capacity building programme and develop the related material for enhanced quality and sustainability of service provision according to international standards and principles.

Project reporting

  • Elaborate and monthly update the internal monitoring and evaluation tool, the Project Appraisal Tool (PAT), for submission to the Head of Mission.
  • Prepare the project narrative and financial reports, as well as other ad hoc reports and material, according to INTERSOS and donor requirements.
  • Ensure that all data related to the project activities are disaggregated by sex and age, in order to develop profiles on the different needs and realities of women, girls, boys and men, for reporting and analysis purposes.
  • Ensure that all supporting documents (means of verification) and general project documents are properly filled in and filed.

Coordination and representation

  • Establish and maintain collaborative relations with the consortium partners (ACTED and ACF), as well as relevant donor officers, local authorities, government institutions, project stakeholders and other humanitarian actors.
  • Participate in meetings with relevant donor officers, programme and financial, according to the guidelines of the Head of Mission.
  • Facilitate field visits by donor missions.
  • Proactively participate in WASH and Inter-Sector coordination meetings, as well as relevant thematic working groups, at regional, national and field level, as required.

WASH Focal point

  • Monitor the WASH situation in the country through the different working groups and coordination meetings and, periodically update the WASH situation analysis and inform the programme accordingly.
  • Stimulate and maintain active exchange of WASH information and experience on useful news, publications, tools, best practices and lessons learned, to create opportunities for learning, promote harmonization of programme, and ensure common approaches and methodologies.
  • Support the development, implementation and evaluation of the WASH project at country level, providing technical inputs, suggestions for improvements and recommendations for future actions.
  • Support the design, promotion and elaboration of new WASH interventions.

Profil recherché


  • University degree graduated in a relevant technical discipline (engineering, geology, biology, architecture).
  • Specialization in water and sanitation.
  • Master in a related area.

Professional Experience 

  • At least five years of professional experience in a multicultural environment, in the humanitarian-recovery-development space.
  • Previous WASH experience with follow up of infrastructural projects.
  • Experience in consortium participation.
  • Previous experiences in European Union and Italia Cooperation funded projects is an asset.

Professional Requirements 

  • In-depth understanding of WASH issues.
  • Ability to set high standards for quality of work.
  • Ability to manage human, technical, administrative and financial resources.
  • Facilitating and encouraging open communication in the team, communicating effectively.
  • Demonstrated capacity of writing project proposal.
  • Very good knowledge of Microsoft Office suite.


Fluency in English, spoken and written; Italian and Arabic are an asset.

Personal Requirements 

  • Good communication skills, both written and oral.
  • Ability to develop and maintain collaborative relationships.
  • Self-development, initiative-taking.
  • Strong organizational and problem-solving skills with analytic approach.
  • Ability to integrate and work well within multicultural teams.
  • Acting as a team player and facilitating team work.
  • Ability to achieve results effectively, considering the need for speed, scale and quality.
  • Flexibility to adapt to fluid situations in order to achieve objectives.
  • Willingness and commitment to work in the humanitarian sphere.


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