Mobile Implementation Officer Nurse Mentor /lector (m/f


Organisation: Médecins Sans Frontières - Artsen Zonder Grenzen
Personne de Contact:
Date limite de candidature: 01/02/2017
Type d'offre: Contrat à durée déterminée
Volume de travail: Temps plein
Fonction: Mission terrain
Lieu de l'emploi: BRUSSELS + FIELD
Pays: Belgium



A motion was voted at the OCB Gathering June 2015, stating that “there is an urgent need to formalize, accredit and further develop medical and para-medical training and education in MSF for all staff, with a strong focus on national staff capacity.”

The role of the Medical Academy MIO Nurse Mentor /lector for IPD nurses in the broader set up of the MSF Medical Academy is to support the MSF Medical Advisor in the practical implementation of the motion stated above. So your role will be to implement, monitor and evaluate impact of the MSF Medical academy educational programs

You will work in tandem with an experienced MSF nurse. This person will go through the whole process described below together with you and won’t necessarily be a professional mentor/lector. So it will be for you to support him/her to get familiarized with the academic aspects of the projects while he/she will support you to work in an MSF context with MSF staff.

By doing so we want to create in house expertise in professional mentorship and to create a comfortable and challenging working atmosphere that allows both parties to learn from each other and stay for a longer period on board with us in this project.  

Teamwork with:

  • Academic team from nursing school institutions.
  • Field team in the project (national and international staff).
  • Technical advisors in the medical department.
  • Learning and development unit.

Job Profile

In the preparation phase of pilot project in Belgium

Preparation of the paramedical staff evaluation system

  • Develop the practical skills test for the paramedical staff (scoring system based on Standard Operating Procedure).
  • Develop the theoretical test for the paramedical staff (focusing on general knowledge on hygiene, sterile way of working, patient safety, etc.)
  • Develop the Attitude and behavioral test for the paramedical staff.
  • Preparation of the practical aspects of the evaluation system (ordering material required, defining needs for infrastructure, prepare the schedule for the staff testing with the field team).

Curriculum level

  • To compose the different thematic/content of the different curricula of bridging courses for the different level of the national staff undergraduate nurses.
  • To compose the different content of the Continuous Personal Development courses for the different level of national staff nurses (graduate and undergraduate).
  • To develop learning methods for academic classes and practical classes (skills lab), identify the materials needed, work out a time frame for the learning program, etc.

At the start of the pilot project on field level: Gap analysis/ O scoring of national paramedical staff

  • Practical set up of the test on field level (organizing material, equipment, mannequin in the skills lab).
  • Actual evaluation of nurses and midwives in the project (practical skills, theoretic knowledge and behavioral attitude aspects).
  • Analyze results and report outcomes

At the development phase of an individual tailored learning program

Based on the results of the evaluation system

  • Development of a training strategy that is most adapted to have impact on quality of care in the project location.
  • Work out a pedagogical methodology that takes in consideration the actual qualifications of the student.
  • Develop a time frame for implementation and evaluation.
  • Fine tune and adapt where needed the content of the different thematic modules.
  • In collaboration with the different advisors in the medical department integrate curriculum content ( mainly for Continuous personal development=> short courses )
  • Look into the possibility to find facilitators who can support you facilitating certain modules. Those facilitators can come from the MSF academy existing network in the African continent and the medical advisors in the medical department.

At the implementation phase of the individualized training program

  • Organize academic classes and lector.
  • Organize the practicalities of the interventions done by other facilitators who will help to facilitate certain modules.
  • Organize sufficient clinical contact hours with the students and mentor. 
  • Organize regular written and practical exams.
  • Collect, analyze and report obtained data on regular basis.
  • Adapt where needed the educational program

At the evaluation phase of the pilot program

  • Repeat the evaluation process in collaboration with the academic partners to measure difference between before and after (practical skills, theoretical knowledge, attitude and behavior).
  • Compile the data and produce a final report with results, conclusions and recommendations.
  • Repeat 0-scoring after 6 months.

Profil recherché

We are looking for

  • Bachelor nurse with minimal 3 years’ experience as lector/mentor in clinical nursing and a solid work experience as a nurse in a clinical setting.  
  • Having followed a specific teacher training program of minimal 1 year is desired.
  • being up to date with modern I.T is indispensable
  • Able to step out from the ideal set up and adapt to poor resource settings.
  • Capacity to adapt to different contexts and variable workload
  • Autonomous planning, organization and coordination once main directions are defined.
  • Bilingual French-English (written and spoken)

What we offer

  • 1 year MIO contract (with possible extension)
  • Based in Brussels but mainly carried out (up to 70% of the time) in the field - Full time (100%)
  • Field position : salary according to MSF-OCB Field salary scale + “recuperation” leaves
  • Starting immediate

Deadline for applications 01th of February 2017

Application (CV + cover letter + a portfolio of educational task developed up to present) to be sent to with “NU-LEC-ACA” in the subject.