Change Manager - DRC


Organisation: Save the Children International (Afrique de l’Ouest et du Centre)
Date limite de candidature: 24/01/2017
Type d'offre: Contrat à durée déterminée
Volume de travail: Temps plein
Fonction: Autre
Lieu de l'emploi: Kinshasa
Pays: Congo (Democratic Republic)



Level 3: the role holder will have contact with children and/or young people either frequently (e.g. once a week or more) or intensively (e.g. four days in one month or more or overnight) because they work in country programs; or are visiting country programs; ore because they are responsible for implementing the police checking/vetting process staff.


The Change Manager will lead the DRC Structure review change management process end-to-end, including the design of the Org Structure and its adaptation to the CO Strategy and to the SCI Country office Operating Model (COOM). The incumbent will report to the CD and in matrix line to the OPS advisor in regards to the following areas of accountability:
1. Design and formalise Programme Structure models and Footprint according to the Context Analysis performed by SMT and RO;
2. Implement the Activities Mapping of the current structure as a prerequisite to identify process gaps and overlapping and allocate office accountabilities;
3. Define staffing resources of the new structure according to compliance and COOM resourcing guidelines;
4. Ensure structure affordability according to footprint, master budget and pipeline and ensuring the absorption of the existing funding gap;
5. Determine ways of working and socialise their implementation through coaching and mentoring;
6. Implement the change management process until completion (Full recruitment of new Org structure).

Guidance will include the coaching and training required to apply and achieve the required standards and the production of worked examples for the team to follow and take forward. The constant reference for the change management approach will be the principles of the COOM, particularly:

a) Sectoral and geographical organisation of processes and resources (vs Awards based organisation)
Activity based approach and the Structure review process guidance

The incumbent is expected to spend time in Kinshasa and in field offices, breaking down, defining and phasing the activities and indicators to be carried out in the framework of the Structure Review Action Plan. The consultant will develop detailed plans, enabling streamlined reporting on the Structure review implementation progress downwards (CO staff) and upwards (CD, RO and OPS advisor). Furthermore, a monitoring plan will be agreed between the consultant and the OPS Advisor, at the start of each phase, to enable clear accountability and measurability of the change management process.

Detailed focus areas for the Reset Change Manager will include:

1. CO Org Structure review

a. Professional, validated representation of current organisation structure [MS Visio]
b. Professional, validated representation of future organisation structure [MS Visio]
c. List of all affected roles (redundant, change to JD, and new roles)
d. Budget implications of desired structure
e. Production of an ‘Employee Support Pack’ (policy and procedure for managing the above)
f. Implementation plan to move from current to future structure

2. Team functions & role clarity

a. Recommended best way to organise teams to address gaps and overlapping accountabilities emerging from activity mapping.
b. Review, adaptation of all JDs in the new structure, including discussion and sign-off with line managers.

3. Mapping core processes

a. Recommended ways of representing cross-functional business processes (RACI, process maps, task matrices) and selection of the most appropriate.
b. Worked examples of selected processes.
c. Plans to deliver agreed priority processes (likely but not limited to: concept and proposal development; donor reporting; pharmaceutical procurement and cold chain; recruitment).

4. Ways of Working

a. Clarifying and representing SMT and ESMT, team meetings (general) and internal/external communications (programme) – frequency and format
b. Revising the Scheme of Delegation to operationalise the new structure

5. Communication
a. Devise and implement in coordination with the SMT a Communication plan, including tailored communication pieces for affected staff, membership and donors

6. Security Management
a. Adapt structure design and decision making on its implementation to the changing and possibly volatile security context, including different structure setups to adapt structure and WOWs to local context in different provinces and FOs

7. Coaching and training

a. Providing technical expertise on the implementation of the change management processes.
b. Providing coaching to the SMT on the following: programme planning; programme monitoring & reporting; issue and risk management; programme communications;

8. Sustainable Operating model
a. Analyse affordability of organisational structure according to Master Budget and provide recommendations for sustainable operating model according to Strategy and portfolio (where to operate, in which sectors, with which teams)
b. Ensure alignment of the restructure suggested, with the operational priorities of the Strategy Road map (Phase C, Operational Priorities)

Profil recherché

• Fluent in French and English, written and spoken
• High communication skills internally and externally
• Proven record of managing successful change management processes
• Willing to travel to field locations
• Used to working in insecure environments

• Experience with SCI
• Knowledge of the DRC context including labour laws
• Experience with finance modelling, portfolio management and funding sustainability enhancement